Please help us right this injustice and bring Noah home.
Thank you for visiting this site. Simply becoming one more person who knows the truth about our case helps to protect my son and I by bringing to light the real facts of this case and what has gone on. There has only been one news station in Kansas City that has done this story so far. It is my firm belief that if the people of Missouri knew the facts of this case and how their tax money is being spent to take children away from perfectly good parents who love them and want them they would be outraged. Its time that they are told.

Ways to help:

Contact news outlets by phone calls, letters, or emails telling them that you want to see this story rigorously followed by their news organization and that this story and stories like this are important to you.

Please copy and place these flyers around your community. Example: at your church, coffeehouse, grocery store, street post, around your college. Thank you.

If you would like to be part of an action group to rally for Noah Levi Bond's return home or even create your own action group to rally for Noah Levi Bond please email me Ibbaanika Bond at

If you feel lead to do so you can contribute financially by clicking the donate button. (You don't need a pay pal accout to donate.) Any amount helps, even $10 or less.

This case has cost over $500, 000 so far and it is a complete miracle that we have been able to come up with the money. We have worked multiple jobs and saved everything we can, and our family has helped all they can, but its been incredibly hard. The Taylors on the other hand have payed for nothing. They have a powerful lobby paying all of their legal bills, the only person that has payed their lawyer other then this lobby is Craig Lentz, as they admitted in court that they turned child support checks that he sent---though he was never ordered by the court to pay child support---over to her as payment for legal services. We have been forced to pay the Guardian Ad litem in this case as well. The Taylors have not even payed for their own care and have lived off welfare as Megan Taylor has been unemployed for the entire case and Stuart Taylor has been unemployed for a large portion of this case. Though we have raised much more money than the Taylors this lobby has an unlimited supply. A lobby's bribe should not call the shots on what is justice in our country. By contributing to the friends of Noah Levi Bond legal support fund you can help bring Noah home and take the power out of the hands of this lobby and put it back in the hands of our citizens, legislator, and Supreme Court.

Contact your legislators and tell them that you want the Supreme Court of Missouri's ruling to be enforced and that you want Noah Levi Bond to come home.

Talk to friends, family members, or your church about what is going on. It may sound simple but it amazing how much can happen when people are just informed about what's happening.





Read the Supreme Court's decision for yourself.
Understanding the Supreme Court's decision.
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