NBC 41 Kansas City did a news story on our case

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There is a reason that the Jackson County Family Court and the people that have our child don't want to talk about what is happening.

Though the NBC story was good at compressing the details of a long, complex battle into a short segment, there are some facts that need to be clarified about this case that the NBC story wasn't able to get into. First, its been the same family—the Taylors, that have been trying to take Noah from the beginning. They had help in this from their friends Eileen and Randall Baker, a couple who stole another womans baby a few years ago by a very similar method. Second, to clarify, Craig was on the birth certificate before the local Jackson County Family court gave the Taylors the adoption that was overturned by the Supreme Court because it was illegal, he could never have begun litigation to stop the the adoption if he hadn't been. After getting a DNA test (something the pamphlet the state produces says to do) Craig had his name placed on the birth certificate, legally acknowledging his child and taking full responsibility before he ever began litigation and long before the case went to the Missouri Supreme Court. If Craig had gotten on the birth certificate and had found out that he wasn’t the father, it would have been nearly impossible to keep the state from forcing him to take responsibility for a child that wasn’t his, so he was being especially careful as the state pamphlet advises. When men end up in these cases in this state , as they often have, people always ask “why didn't you have a DNA test.” (On the other hand if he does have a DNA test because of little known laws like the 15 day law-- someone else can come steal the mans child while he's waiting on the results.) Craig followed the law, as the Supreme Court of Missouri unanimously found and he still doesn't have his child back, even with a unanimous Supreme Court decision on his side.

When Keith King talks about Craig coming back from winning in the Supreme Court of Missouri and the local court giving Noah to “another family,” it implies that one family was trying to adopt Noah before Craig’s case went to the Missouri Supreme Court and a different family was trying to adopt Noah after it came back, but this isn’t the case. The confusion probably comes form the fact that the Supreme Court overturned the Taylors' adoption petition, and then the local Jackson County Family court let them file another one illegally after the Supreme Court of Missouri had already said that this child could not be adopted. The same family, the Taylors, have repeatedly attempted to adopt our son against our will, after their first attempt to adopt our son was overturned in the Missouri Supreme Court, Commissioner John F. Payne of the Jackson County Family Court simply allowed them to file yet another, identical petition for adoption. This was illegal, the Supreme Court of Missouri had ruled that Craig was Noah’s legal father and had been ever since he had gotten on the birth certificate and the Taylors did not have legal standing to file a petition for adoption without the consent of Noah’s legal father.

Commissioner Payne also allowed the Taylors to change the filing date on this petition to make it seem as if it were filed before they had received one of many support checks that Craig sent, Changing the filing date of a petition for any reason, much less to give one party of a case an advantage over another, is completely illegal, not to mention unethical and corrupt. This is just another example of how the Jackson County Family Court has entertained the Taylors’ manipulations in opposition to the Supreme Court of Missouri, the law, and the Constitution of both the United States and the state of Missouri.

The NBC story should have said the local court again gave Noah to the same family whose adoption had been overturned by the Supreme Court of Missouri. It was the Taylors who met me through a church and saw my difficulties as an opportunity to easily and inexpensively steal a child through coercion and fraud. The fact that the Taylors, and the Jackson County Family court refused to comment when NBC called them shows the lack of evidence they have in their defense.

Never the less, NBC 41 showed true valor as journalists in reporting this story. The Guardian ad litem Laurie Snell, Jackson County Family court Judge Charles Atwell, and the Taylors' lawyer Cheri Cole Simpkins called and threatened the station all day long the day the story aired, to try to suppress this story in the same way they tried to suppress the Stocklaughers story and NBC still went through with the story and aired it. We need more of this journalistic bravery in Kansas City. The people of our city have a right to know that the Jackson County Family court is stealing children from their parents, even over the objections of our state's Supreme Court, children and their parents have a right to be protected from this (illegal) tyranny.


Understanding the Supreme Court's decision.

The Supreme Court of Missouri was doing its job and following the law when it overturned the Jackson County Family Court’s decision. Reiterating the rights that Missourians already have under the the Missouri Constitution, the U.S. Constitution, and the laws that govern adoption in the state of Missouri was a great service to the people of this state. 

  Megan and Stuart Taylor have been stalking me.

Megan and Stuart Taylor (the people that stole my son) have been staking me at home and at work. Not long after Stuart Taylor tried to get a restraining order against me, which the court denied, he showed up where I work and said that he wanted to talk to me about Noah and if I wouldn't talk there he knew where I lived. I don't know how he found out where I worked or lived but this was very scary. I told him to get away from me and called security and he ran out of the store. These pictures were taken of him by the security cameras ( pic 1, pic 2, pic 3).
  Megan and Stuart Taylor have been speaking publicly in front of the Missouri General Assembly in an effort to convince lawmakers to hurt women and fathers more at taxpayer expense.

On February 6, 2008 Megan and Stuart Taylor spoke publicly in front of the Missouri congress with the lobbyists that are paying for their legal bills and their political partners, telling lawmakers that I am on their side and that the purpose of House Bill 1572, which they approached Representative Ward Franz to introduce, is to protect women. This is all a complete lie. This bill, if it became law, would make it easier to steal women's babies.
  Ways that you can help.

Simply becoming one more person who knows the truth about our case helps to protect my son and I by bringing to light the real facts of this case and what has gone on. There has only been one news station in Kansas City that has done this story so far. It is my firm belief that if the people of Missouri knew the facts of this case and how their tax money is being spent to take children away from perfectly good parents who love them and want them they would be outraged. Its time that they are told.

The Blog that Megan Taylor wrote admitting everything.
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