My son Noah Levi Bond was stolen by Megan and Stuart Taylor, please help.
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If you would like to be part of an action group to rally for Noah Levi Bond's return home or even create your own action group to rally for Noah Levi Bond please email me Ibbaanika Bond at

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This case has cost over $500, 000 so far and it is a complete miracle that we have been able to come up with the money. We have worked multiple jobs and saved everything we can, and our family has helped all they can, but its been incredibly hard.

These are the people that stole my child. Megan and Stuart Taylor kidnapped my son through the Jackson County Family court system and a church, The International House of Prayer. The Taylors have taken advantage of me in the worst way anyone could, they took advantage of my belief in God in order to take my son.

They took my only child, though they aren't infertile, have two of their own biological children, and can have more. To make matters worse after they stole my child Megan Taylor wrote a blog on MSN making fun of me about it for three years. In this blog she refuses to refer to me as anything but "stupid," and an "incubator," or an "egg donor."At the same time that she and her husband were telling me I was such a special person of God to give up my child against my will because it was "Gods will"--though it wasn't what I wanted, she was making fun of me on her blog and talking about how she was using the promise of visits to manipulate me so she could take my son forever. If you would like to view these blog posts click here (web form, PDF highlighted for easy access and printing). Further evidence of what I am saying can be found in one of the cards that the Taylors sent me. In it they talk more of God's will and how I am like Moses' mother saving him, while at the same time, on Megan Taylor's blog she was putting me down and laughing about stealing my child. It is clear from the way that Megan Taylor ridicules and dehumanizes me in her blog posts that she only saw me as some dumb black girl whose child would be easy to steal.

However, the worst thing that the Taylors have done is be mean to my son. In her blog Megan Taylor details in her post how she is "cold and distant" to my son when either I or Craig send him presents because it reminds her that "he is not hers." At the time she wrote this my son was seven months old. How could she treat a seven month old cold and distantly because someone sent him a package? Click here to read that post.

The Taylors also lied in DFS meetings and said that Noah had never been to the emergency room or had any accidents. When I found Megan Taylor's blog online it became clear from what she posted about hospital visits that the Taylors were lying about this. When Craig Lentz, Noah's father, was able to get the hospital records form Children's Mercy Hospital they showed that Noah had been to the hospital several times for burns and that he had had his arm yanked out of socket by Stuart Taylor.

Children's Mercy Hospital was very unprofessional about the way they handled giving the records to Craig. They made him pay an exorbitant fee to get the records and then stalled him for almost two months before giving them to him, going against their own policies about timeliness in the process. During this time Craig only had a brief description of the full records to bring to court and question the Taylors about.

When Children's Mercy finally gave Craig the full records they revealed that Stuart Taylor had told the doctors at Children's Mercy that he yanked Noah's arm out of socket. When Stuart Taylor was questioned about this in court he said that it had never happened. His wife under cross examination admitted the injury had happened but left out the fact that her husband had yanked Noah's arm out of socket and instead made it sound like the injury was self inflicted by Noah. Click here to see the Children's Mercy report in full, information on Stuart yanking Noah's arm out of socket is in the top paragraph on page 7, last three sentences of the top paragraph--where it says "will not move arm."

The question that haunts Craig and I is why are the Taylors lying about medical records and injuries if they have nothing to hide? Imagine how you would feel as a parent if someone hurt your child and then lied about how the injury occurred or that it occured at all. It is clear from Megan Taylor's blog that she is an emotionally unstable person that doesn't have any business at all having control over any child. The idea the Jackson County Family Court has allowed Megan and Stuart Taylor the ability to live in obscurity while ignoring the serious questions about whether or not they are hurting Noah Levi Bond is an affront to the laws and constitution of this state and nation. Please help me protect my son from these people.

It has come to my attention that they used to work at the Drumm Farm group home for children. My son may not be the first child they have hurt. If you were a child at Drumm Farm who was hurt by the Taylors or you know of a child that experienced trouble with Megan and Stuart Taylor at the Drum Farm please contact me at


Megan and Stuart Taylor have been stalking me.

Megan and Stuart Taylor have been stalking me at home and at work. Not long after Stuart Taylor tried to get a restraining order against me, which the court denied, he showed up where I work and said that he wanted to talk to me about Noah and if I wouldn't talk there he knew where I lived. I don't know how he found out where I worked or lived but this was very scary. I told him to get away from me and called security and he ran out of the store. These pictures were taken of him by the security cameras ( pic 1, pic 2, pic 3).That day I had a male co-worker take me to my house and Stuart Taylor is now banned from coming into the store where I work. I’ve seen the Taylors’ van at the end of my block many times watching my house, once I had a neighbor approach the van for me but then the Taylors just zoomed off. Megan Taylor has said that she wants Craig dead, for no other reason than that he is getting in the way of something she wants, our son. These people have no respect for morality or the law and after what they have done to my son and I, I wouldn’t put anything past them. Wherever I am I have to constantly look over my shoulder because I fear for my life.

After Megan Taylor got a restraining order against me by means of fraud the Taylors violated their own order and stalked me. She recently tried to get this order renewed but the court denied it. How could this happen in the first place though? In Jackson County the adult abuse office doesn't check ID's when serving papers for restraining orders--a practice that is illegal. On May 10, 2007 Megan Taylor applied for an order of protection against me. On May 14th 2007, she sent someone to the Adult Abuse office in the Jackson County Courthouse, at 415 E. 12th St., to impersonate me and be served with this order of protection. Because the Adult Abuse office doesn't require that people coming into the office to be served with protection orders show any identification, sign anything or be photographed, this act of fraud was easy for Megan to accomplish.

There was a subsequent hearing on this protection order on May 23, 2007, which I didn't attend because, at the time, I knew nothing about the order. If a person is served with an order of protection and doesn't show up at the hearing the judge automatically gives a default judgment in favor of the order of protection without considering the evidence. Megan Taylor didn't want me served because she knew her accusations were groundless and she wanted to make sure I wouldn't attend the hearing and she would receive this default judgment.

In order to harass me with litigation, on the same date Megan filed for her protection order, Stuart Taylor also filed for protection orders for the rest of the family---himself and their two biological children. In an attempt to serve me with Stuart's restraining order a deputy court administrator called me over a month later and my conversation with him was the first I ever heard about anyone from the Taylor family trying to serve me with a protection order. On July 27, 2007, while looking on Casenet (Missouri's on-line court service), I found out Megan had a full order of protection against me. I knew Megan shouldn't have been able to get this protection order without having me served first so I immediately called the office in charge of orders of protection, the Adult Abuse Office, to ask about this. They said someone came into their office on May 14, 2007 at 4:08 pm and said that they were Ibbaanika Bond and since THEY DON'T CHECK ID'S they just marked me as served and had the court date without me. To this day, despite repeated complaints, the Adult Abuse office hasn't changed this policy.

After I attended a hearing and all the protection orders for the rest of the Taylor family, which were based on the same exact lies as Megan's order of protection, were dismissed, I filed a motion for a rehearing on Megan's order of protection and got one set for August 9, 2007.

When I went to the hearing that I was notified of for Stuart Taylor and presented the evidence that I had no contact with him, his request for a restraining order was denied. However, at the rehearing for Megan Taylor's restraining order, which she had received by default a month before, the judge wouldn't let me present any evidence. He just told me that there had already been a hearing and even though I could prove I had never been notified of the matter and had been impersonated--it didn't matter, the record from the Adult Abuse Office indicated someone who claimed to be me had shown up and been served. No one could have known that there was an ex parte order of protection except the Taylors and the Adult Abuse office doesn't check any form of ID as they are required by law to do--but he said it didn't matter. The form said 'someone had shown up claiming to be me.' So he didn't let me present any evidence and gave a year long default judgment. My due process rights were violated and as a result Megan Taylor was able to, at the expense of taxpayers, use a system that was designed to protect vulnerable members of the community, to discredit me in a different court and prevent me from visiting my son. If I hadn't just happened to find out about this order of protection and I had happened to come into contact with Megan in any way, for instance, at a court hearing for my son, I could have been arrested, fined, or sent to jail without any warning or justification.

Megan Taylor tried to pull the same trick in 2008 but I was expecting it. Though the adult abuse office didn't even post the information on casenet as they are required by law to do, I called down to the Adult Abuse office and found out that Megan Taylor was trying to do this again after she and her husband had harassed and stalked me all year long. This time, when there was actually a hearing, the judge didn't even have to hear my side of the evidence before denying Megan Taylor's request for a restraining order because, both times, Megan's reason for requesting the restraining order had been she thought that I was "talking bad about her."

This is a ridiculous violation of my civil rights. I have never ever stalked, harassed, or done anything threatening to any of the Taylors in any way and, on the contrary, in violation of Megan's own order of protection, she and her husband have been able to use the Jackson County Adult Abuse Office to stalk and harass me where I live and work. Click hear to hear the Jackson County Adult Abuse Office tell about how they refuse to follow the law and how this could even be done to the President of the United States. Click here to contact their boss, Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders (who may not know this is going on at all) and tell him that you want the law obeyed. The 14th amendment to the US and Missouri State constitution guarantees every citizen that before there is a court date that takes away your life, liberty, or property you have to be notified so that you can attend and fight for your rights. Please contact the Jackson County Court house and tell them that your constitutional rights are important to you, and that you don't want anyone having an illegal court date behind your back and taking away your life, liberty, or property illegally.

This appears to be a common theme in Jackson County. They took custody of my child away form me at a secret illegal court date that I was never notified of, and then my rights were further limited at another court date I was never notified of, where Megan Taylor was able--for ridiculous reasons-- to get a default judgment for a restraining order against me and then harass me for an entire year. Because of this false restraining order, if I had called the police on the Taylors, I was the one that looked bad. All of this is completely against the Constitution and highly illegal. We must as citizens stand up against this.

  Megan and Stuart Taylor have been speaking publicly in front of the Missouri General Assembly in an effort to convince lawmakers to hurt women and fathers more at taxpayer expense.

On February 6, 2008 Megan and Stuart Taylor spoke publicly in front of the Missouri congress with the lobbyists that are paying for their legal bills and their political partners, telling lawmakers that I am on their side and that the purpose of House Bill 1572, which they approached Representative Ward Franz to introduce, is to protect women. This is all a complete lie. This bill, if it became law, would make it easier to steal women's babies. (Click here to see for yourself what the Taylors said.)

HB1572 would cut willing, supportive fathers who are known to the mother and child, out of their child's life forever by classifying them as "unknown fathers" just because they didn't fill out a form. After Craig met with the Taylors and pleaded with them not to try to adopt his son, they went to court the next day and committed fraud and perjury by saying that Noah’s father was “unknown” to them. When that didn’t work out in court ( the Taylors admitted in sworn deposition that they knew exactly who Craig was and that he was Noah's father), they went to the Missouri legislature to try to legally change the definition of the word father and make it to where unmarried fathers would be known as “unknown fathers,” who would automatically have no rights regardless of how involved in their child's life they have been and how much support they have paid. This “new definition” is just another tool for shady lawyers to use to promote unethical adoption practices.This bill, if it became law, would cut out even the 15 day requirement and make it to where a father would be completely powerless to prevent his child from being adopted against his will 48 hours after the birth of his child.

At the hearing the Taylors tried to make it seem as if I was happy that the Taylors have my child and that Craig was disrupting a happy adoption. This is a bold faced lie, it really adds insult to injury, and it shows the character of the Taylors. These people ruined my life by stealing my son, have been stalking and harassing me for years, and then they have the nerve to go down to our state congress and lie to our senators and representatives like they are a bunch of fools, and tell our congress that they are doing this all for me.

It shows how callous and brazen the Taylors are that they would go to our congress and claim that they are supposedly championing this law for the good of me, my child, and all mothers and children like us. Of course the Taylors fail to mention to the Missouri congress that just a few months earlier Megan Taylor was caught and admitted to posting an on-line blog for three years where she constantly makes fun of biological parents in general and especially degrades me, calling me an idiot, a “BM”---bowel movement (another play on my race—like I'm black so I'm feces), an “Incubator,” and an “Egg Donor.” The Taylors are lying frauds who have proven time and time again that they will play any and every angle to steal my son.

The Taylors paraded themselves in front of the Missouri legislature as victims and brought a powerful lobby with them that claims to speak for what is best for the children of unwed families. In reality all this lobby cares about is money, and they don't care how badly they have to hurt parents and children to make it. As an unwed mother I know what was best for me was for my child's father to have the ability to protect me legally from people like the Taylors.

HB 1572 and laws like it are not what's best for natural mothers and their children. In actuality, they allow people like the Taylors to victimize natural mothers and their children, and make it to where fathers are powerless to protect their families. It will also effect military families. A solider can't get back from Iraq in two days or even 15 or 60. Rather than have a right to his child this law would make it to where people like the Taylors could take his child, he would never see that child again. It's pretty insulting that while our soilders are dying on the battle field some of our politicians are working hard to take away our constitutional rights.

Every child has two parents and a case in which a father is truly "unknown" is rare, people who want to adopt a child should have to make diligent, good faith efforts to find, notify, and obtain the consent of any possible parent of the child, otherwise it's kidnapping. HB 1572 makes it so that potential adoptive parents don't have to do this. This bill wasn't created for the purpose of getting children who need homes into stable homes as soon as possible, if a child's father wants to give consent, he can certainly do so quickly. HB 1572 was designed to allow potential adoptive parents to circumvent fathers they believe would object to the adoption, ripping a child from his natural family. The Taylors are a case in point. They admitted in sworn depositions in court that Craig told them that he didn't want his son adopted ,and they said they were going to adopt his son whether he liked it or not, that is kidnapping and it doesn't matter what any politician calls it. No reasonable person would argue that any child would want either parent cut out of their life forever because, though the parent wanted their child, they didn't sign the right form within two days of the child's birth.

I want people visiting this site to be aware of this law and laws like this and know their true consequences. They use state tax dollars to take away children from families that have nothing wrong with them, that want their children. They hurt children in ways that won't heal by taking one of the most precious gifts that any child can ever have—a parent that loves and wants them, and cutting that parent out of the child's life forever. It is monstrous that, for a lobbyist fee, we have politicians that will try to pass laws like these. I want people to know that people without any integrity or credibility, like the Taylors, are behind this law and laws like it and that we should all stand against these laws. No child should ever lose their parent because some tricky lawyers and their political partners have laid an unconstitutional legal trap designed to make children with parents who want them into orphans so that the adoption agencies can sell them for profit.

The card the Taylors wrote Ibbaanika to try to keep her convinced that if she kept her baby she would be defying God.
The Blog that Megan Taylor wrote admitting everything.
The blog in PDF form, highlighted for easy access.
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