Megan Taylor stole my son and wrote an online blog
making fun of me about it for three years.

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This case has cost over $500, 000 so far and it is a complete miracle that we have been able to come up with the money. We have worked multiple jobs and saved everything we can, and our family has helped all they can, but its been incredibly hard.

One of the things that makes this situation unique is that Megan Taylor, the woman that stole my son, posted a blog about it on an MSN chat blog called “Contested,” for three years. On October 19th of 2007 I received an email from an adult-adoptee I didn't know telling me that there was an on-line blog giving details of our case, and that I needed to read it because the things that were being said weren't right. I was surprised to hear this because when this court case started Megan and Stuart Taylor requested a gag order to keep all facts about this case secret, though the Missouri Supreme Court later denied their request to have it extended. When I entered the chat room I saw that there were a great volume of entries that Megan had posted, spanning practically every day from 2005 to late 2007 under the screenname “Got2bMaeMae”, some of which were signed “Megan.” These posts revealed intimate details about the court case and the Taylors personal lives that only Megan Taylor could know.Click here to see the blog in PDF form.

In these posts Megan Taylor reveals details about every single court date, and the lengths that the Taylors went to in order to steal my son. The posts give a behind the scenes look at the real Megan Taylor and her motives and mental health. In the blog Megan Taylor seldom refers to Craig as anything but “Sperm Donor” or “SID,” and for me she uses the term“ The Incubator” and “Egg Donor” or “E.D.”( Megan explains these terms gleefully on page. 15 of the blog) The term “E.D.” appears to be racial , like Ibbaanika is black and her skin's brown so she's a creature like E.T. the extraterrestrial. She also reveals that she envies her sister's ability to lord it over “Crystal” the woman whose son her sister adopted . At one point in the blog she writes a song about stealing our son in which she refers to herself as a little girl and posts it. In other posts she makes fun of us for missing Noah. There are numerous posts about the Taylor’s intentions to flee the state and even the country, however, the most offensive involve Megan Taylor being mean to my son when we send him gifts and wanting to have Craig murdered because he sent Noah a Christmas present. She goes on to vow to get the Supreme Court justices ousted from the bench because they followed the law and reveals that with the help of a lobby the Taylors are meeting with senators behind closed doors to accomplish this. In the blog Megan admits to long periods where she and her husband are unemployed and committing welfare fraud in order to keep the court case going.

Through the blog we were able to find out that the Taylors had been lying in court about hospital visits ( they said our son never had any, later, because of the blog, they changed their story) and were able to get the medical records that showed that our son had been burned and that Stuart Taylor had yanked his arm out of socket.

The blog testifies to the Taylors’ ruthlessness, and lack of respect for our son and the legal system. A print off of this blog was submitted as evidence in court and Megan Taylor admitted under oath that she had in fact posted these entries under the name “Got2bMaeMae.” Nonetheless, the very night that the blog was submitted in court Commissioner Molly Merrigan ordered the entire “Contested” blog site be torn down. Before she could do that though I saved it on my computer.

What is really more than outrageous about all of this is that the Jackson County Family court was given all of this information in court and still chose to terminate Craig Lentz's rights for the exact same reasons that the Supreme Court of Missouri had already overturned. They knew about the welfare fraud--and still they did this. They knew about the child abuse--and still they did this. They knew that the Taylors were laughing about breaking the law and hurting this child---and still they did this. This shows clearly that this is not a mistake, that the local court is defying the Supreme Court of Missouri and that even if Megan Taylor stood up and screamed “I stole this baby” the Jackson County Family court would have decided the case just the same anyways because they had already made up their mind to do so. All of the court dates were just a way to waste our son's time and our time.

This is the information they don't want you to see. Never in another case of contested adoption has there been a closer look into the lives of the kind of people who would steal a child through the court system. Now, no one can assume that Noah is in a good home, so the ends justify the means. Noah is not in a good home. This blog is proof in Megan Taylor's own words that the Taylors are unstable (p. 39) that this never has been, and never will be what is best for Noah.

In this blog Megan Taylor talks about how the next time she takes a child she will go with international adoption because then the parents are powerless. The other women in the blog group all agree with her. In light of the recent baby snatchings that are happening in Guatemala the world needs to know about what's going on in United States in order to protect itself, and we all need to realize that its happing here too. There are other women in this blog that are in other cases trying to take the children of other parents and my hope is that this information can help these parents as well.

Below is a table of contents and a link to the blog. Because of the vast size of this blog it take s few seconds to load in the browser. For convenience there is also a copy of the blog in Adobe Acrobat that prints quickly and is highlighted with notes. It is the same blog, but this is probably the quickest way to access this information.

  The blog in web form. (Click here to view)

The blog in PDF form highlighted for easy access. (Click here to view)

Table of Contents:

p.1 Megan Taylor talks of feeling she is losing her sanity.
p.2 Megan Taylor talks of Ibbaanika asking the Taylors to give Craig Lentz his son back.
p.3 Megan Taylor says she thinks she can terminate Craig Lentz's parental rights on a technicality and exclaims “YIPEE!!!” about it.
p.3-4 Megan Taylor talks of using visits to manipulate Ibbaanika.
p.6 Admits that Craig Lentz didn’t consent to the adoption. Laughs at the idea that fathers should have any say at all on whether their kids are adopted out against their will.
p.10 Megan Taylor says she wants to hibernate and not deal with the kids.
p.15 Megan Taylor expresses cavalier attitude toward what happens to Noah if the adoption doesn’t go through. She explains the term SID means Sperm Donor—her name for Craig Lentz, and ED means egg donor. Egg donor and “the incubator” are the terms she uses to refer to Ibbaanika Bond, Noah's mother.
p.16 Violates gag order. Slams her mother for not being sure that this is of God. Compares self to Israelites in the wilderness.
p.17 Megan Taylor says she’s less “patient and loving” towards baby Noah when his parents send gifts. Noah is 8 month old at this time, Megan Taylor talks further of being withdrawn.
p.18 Megan Taylor talks of moving and hiding.
p.18-19 Megan Taylor talks about pampering herself and sipping wine and having a bubble bath while she lived off welfare.
p.22 Megan Taylor says they’ll run as soon as the court case ends.
p.23 More talk of fleeing state and hiding.
p.25 Megan Taylor says her sisters adopted son's natural Mother “Crystal” knows her place. By her comments Megan Taylor reveals in this post that she perceives that her own sister feels she is of a higher class than the woman that gave birth to her adopted son and that Megan Taylor envies this ability to lord it over the natural mother and treat her like a second class citizen. Megan Taylor says she never wants Craig Lentz to ever have any contact with his son.
p.27 Megan Taylor tries to hide what she says—different image than the one she presents.
p.29 Megan Taylor talks of Noah being so sick he has to go to urgent care.
p.39 Megan Taylor admits she can’t explain to Noah how she took him from his parents without traumatizing him.
p.39 Megan Taylor talks more about fleeing “in a heartbeat” overseas or out of the state. Says her family is “somewhat stable.”
p.43 Craig Lentz sent presents on his son's first birthday. Megan Taylor responds by saying she wants Craig Lentz dead—“it would simplify her life.”
p.44 Megan Taylor talks more of moving and hiding.
p. Megan Taylor makes fun of the fact that an unconstitutional law took Craig Lentz's son.
p.47 Megan Taylor tells where Craig Lentz works. Breaks gag order she asked for herself.
p.49 Makes fun of the fact that Craig Lentz misses his son , saying “Go ahead miss him...he's NOT your son anymore”.
p.49 Megan Taylor says the Taylors had to take Noah to the hospital because of an injury.
p.51 While Megan Taylor sits in her comfy home living off welfare she sarcastically pities Ibbaanika Bond who is having to beg on the street for money with a sign that says “help me get my baby back.”
p.52 Megan Taylor says the day that they got temporary custody, as far as she is concerned--that was an adoption.
p.53 Megan Taylor says Craig Lentz has no visits with his son and she likes it that way.
p.56 Megan Taylor always calls Craig Lentz “Sperm Donor” or “SID” which she explains on p.15 means Sperm Donor. Clearly evidences her hatred of Craig Lentz and the negativity she will teach his son to have towards his father.
p.57 Megan Taylor talks more of fleeing with Craig Lentz's son.
p.58 Megan Taylor says change in Supreme Court date is “God’s sense of humor.”
p.61 Megan Taylor says the Supreme Court abused its power.
p.62 Megan Taylor slams Supreme Court saying they “took liberties they had no business taking,” and “they clearly do not understand the adoption laws.”
p.63 Megan Taylor talks of “trying to stay sane and function.”
p.63 Another post—April of 07. Megan Taylor calls Craig Lentz a Sperm Donor and says she would like to have a magic wand she could wave and “poof, make Bio-Sperm go away.”
p.64 Megan Taylor wants no visitation between Craig Lentz and his son and thinks that it's best for Noah.
p.65 Megan Taylor hopes to cut Craig Lentz out of his son's life on a technicality.
p.66 Megan Taylor expresses isolation, calls Craig Lentz a “psycho,” calls herself “Drama Mama.”
p.67 First time Megan Taylor calls Noah Levi Bond “Jared,” Though the Taylors claimed, under oath, at the court date she is referencing, which took place on 8/24/07, that he’d been called that all his life. Megan Taylor calls him Noah in all other posts before.
p.68 Gloats that Commissioner Molly Merrigan told Craig Lentz that if Ibbaanika finds out about court dates Craig Lentz will never see his son again, and says that the DFS plans to drag their 211 investigation case out so long that Craig Lentz's son will be stuck with the Taylors forever. Says the DFS workers are on their side.
p.68 Megan Taylor says the Taylor's will never willingly give Craig Lentz his son back.
p.69 Megan Taylor talks about being bankrupt.
p.69 Another post. Oct.23 3007—Calls Craig Lentz an idiot and Sperm Donor—says it felt good to see him squirm in court. Says the main question in the case now is will the commissioner “have the guts to not cower to this legislature,” essentially, will the commissioner have the guts to defy lawmakers, break the law and illegally refuse to give Craig Lentz his son back.
p.72 Megan Taylor expresses gratitude for the gag order, saying this story would have ended up on CNN long ago if it weren't for the gag order.
p.73 Calls DFS social worker Carrie Hoffman clueless.
p.74 Megan Taylor says co-parenting plan won't work.
p.76 Says DFS is wasting her time.
p.78 Megan Taylor writes a song about everything, where she refers to herself as a little girl and puts it on the internet.
p.81 Megan Taylor mocks Craig Lentz and other single parents fighting to raise their children, saying the time they spend with their kids is just “leftover crumbs.”
p.81 Posts on 11-4-07 the day before she is caught in court.

In all posts since July 07 she is breaking the gag order she and her husband asked for and reemphasized that they wanted enforced. She also breaks the gag order they asked for many, many times throughout the blog.





The Blog that Megan Taylor wrote admitting everything.(Click here to view blog.)
The blog in PDF form, highlighted for easy access.
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