My name is Ibbaanika Bond and my son Noah Levi Bond was stolen from me by Megan and Stuart Taylor, please help.


HB 1258, The unconstitutional bill that directly targets our family, passed the Missouri House of Representatives and is being considered by the Missouri Senate.

Why did this bill pass the house? Well, part of the reason is that Representative Chris Kelly, Democrat, Missouri, lied to the Missouri House in his testimony before them about Craig Lentz and the facts of the Lentz case. This is inexcusable! Rep. Chris Kelly, as a public figure who by default is given public trust has an obligation to make sure that the information that he gives out about anyone, particularly a private citizen is accurate. He also lied to Missouri Net concerning this matter.

Click here to listen to a conversation that Rep. Chris Kelly had with Craig Lentz after the senate hearing on this bill on Tuesday April 24, 2012 where he admits this.

This is terrible legislation and it must be stopped or children are going to be

stolen from their parents.

Fathers and Families, the premiere fathers rights group in the nation, vehemently opposes this bill and has written an article stating this, click here to read it:

Click here to read a Missouri Net story where  Representative Chris Kelly and lobbyist Mary Beck libel Craig Lentz and reveal that they created this bill to target Lentz and undo the Lentz case, in the later part of the story Craig Lentz gets to respond to their lies :

Click here to view a CBS St. Louis story where house representatives from St. Louis and Kansas City condemn this bill because of the harm it would do to Missouri families, and lobbyist Mary Beck reveals that she has a large team of "at least 10 other attorneys in Missouri who are members of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys lobby" working to target Lentz:

Parents are the adults that are the protectors of their children, violating the parents civil rights not only harms them, but also their child. This is important because policies and laws that do this are currently harming an entire generation of young Missourians who except in extremely rare cases are loved more by their real parents than anyone else on earth.

The biggest question about this bill is WHY? Why would Mary Beck, an MU law professor, moonlight as a lobbyist and emphatically propose some of the most unconstitutional legislation that has ever been proposed?

And the answer to that bring us to the main reason this legislation is wrong for Missouri: It creates an enormous welfare state by sticking the tax payer's with all of the fees for the adoptions that will occur as many natural parents are forced to give up their children.

How will this happen? Mary Beck wrote a piece of federal legislation in 2010 (which she brags about on her website) that gives $48,000 year to prospective adopters, regardless of situation. Adoptions are expensive, agencies charge exorbitant fees and so do attorneys. Most people can't afford this, but thanks to Mary Beck prospective adopters get their bill picked up by tax payer's. 

Because of this, if HB 1258 becomes law and takes Missourian's children, all Americans including Missourians will now get to pay for these expensive adoptions. This of course explains why Mary Beck and the "American Academy of Adoption Attorneys" lobby are working so hard to get this bill passed, they stand to make a whole  lot of money from we tax payer's by stealing our kids.

Click here to see a video explaining this:


For years now Mary Beck has written an entire suite of legislation designed to harvest welfare money from tax payer's at the expense of parents, all under the guise of adoption. HB 1258 is her latest addition to this corruption.

Children are better off with their real parents, and the tax payer's of Missouri are better off not funding this crooked adoption attorney lobbyist--Mary Beck, and the lobby, the
"American Academy of Adoption Attorneys," who she works for, in their attempt to harvest the cash of hard working Missourians.

These people can find other ways to make money, they don't need to strip Missourians of their constitutional rights, steal our tax dollars, or steal our children.

Craig Lentz testified against hb 1258 on Tuesday, April 24, 2012 along with Ibbaanika Bond,  Pastor Pat Jackson, of Blue Ridge Presbyterian Church, adult adoptee activist Bob Haight and the State Representative of Fathers for Justice Mike Russo.

Click here to listen to the Senate hearing on HB1258 for yourself.

2011 UPDATE:

On October 17, 2011 the court case concerning this matter was ended for good. Glory to God! Noah Levi Bond is now permanently home with his father Craig Lentz and mother Ibbaanika Bond. For all of you that have stood by Noah, Craig, and Ibbaanika for all of these years, thank you so much. Do not ever discount  how important it was that you were, and are, Noah's friends. You fought hard for his best interest, for the wrong that had been done to be righted,  and for him to come home to his real parents.

Your help and friendship was, and is, invaluable. 

There is an African proverb "Ora na azu nwa"  that means it takes the village to raise a child. Indeed, it took an entire community to bring Noah home. We could not have done this without you, please never forget that.

Thank God and all of you so much for your help always.

Since this has happened there are those in the Missouri state government that are very unhappy about it. They are trying to pass laws that would retroactively revoke Noah's birth certificate, and do to  even more citizens of Missouri that harm that was done to Noah and his parents. They must be stopped.

The Rep. that is trying to pass these laws is Chris Kelly (D) MO. Though it is monstrous that he is trying to get these bills passed, he did not write them. They were written by lobbyist Mary Beck.
She is a lobbyist that has personal passion  for  stripping parents and children of their constitutional rights and has written many bills and laws that do so. These bills are mean-spirited, unconstitutional, prejudiced against the poor and minorities, and they are wrong. 

The bills are HB 1258, 1259, 1260 and these are the reasons they should be stopped. Please contact your representatives today and tell them to vote no on these bills.

Ways to help:

Contact news outlets by phone calls, letters, or emails telling them that you want to see this story rigorously followed by their news organization and that this story and stories like this are important to you.

If you would like to be part of an action group to rally for Noah Levi Bond's return home or even create your own action group to rally for Noah Levi Bond please email me Ibbaanika Bond at

If you feel lead to do so you can contribute financially by clicking the donate button. (You don't need a pay pal accout to donate.) Any amount helps, even $10 or less.

This case has cost over $1,000,000 so far and it is a complete miracle that we have been able to come up with the money. We have worked multiple jobs and saved everything we can, and our family has helped all they can, but its been incredibly hard.

Hello, my name is Ibbaanika Bond. This site is called Friends of Noah Levi Bond because my son Noah Levi Bond needs all of the friends he can get. Megan and Stuart Taylor are trying to illegally kidnap him through the Jackson County Family court, change his name to Jared Michael Taylor, and make it so that he never sees his family ever again and he never knows where he came from. This will do unspeakable harm to my son for his entire life. He needs to be protected, and the Jackson County Family court apparently is doing everything it can to work against his civil rights. My son Noah Levi Bond was stolen from me by Megan and Stuart Taylor and the world needs to know about what is happening for the sake of, both, our child and other families that are experiencing similar situations.

I was coerced into signing away my parental rights by illegal means and the father of my child Craig Lentz, never signed away his parental rights. He fought from the beginning to get his son back after Megan and Stuart Taylor got a temporary custody order through fraud in the Jackson County Family court. Craig's case went to the Supreme court of Missouri and he won unanimously. Since then, the Jackson County Family court has directly refused to obey the orders of the Supreme Court of Missouri. Video Footage of me talking to Michelle Obama and John McCain about this can be found directly to the right. After the Supreme Court overturned the Taylors adoption, saying that Craig Lentz had done all he needed to do to set up his paternity and that his son was not adoptable, the Jackson County Family court just ignored the findings of the Supreme Court and let the Taylors file for the same adoption again and then, after a year's worth of court hearings, terminated Craig Lentz's parental rights for the same reasons that the Supreme Court of Missouri already overturned. This is completely illegal. We cannot be a civilized society if our courts refuse to obey our laws, when our courts refuse to obey the law there is no hope for justice.

This court case is currently on appeal to the Supreme Court of Missouri for a second time, though Craig unanimously won the first time. This case should not have had to be appealed for a second time, the Jackson County Family court has no legal right to keep Noah Levi Bond from going home.

Since KSHB 41, the local NBC affiliate in Kansas City, aired an investigative story about this on May 8, 2008 many people have come to me with questions about how and why this happened. Hopefully this site can answer many of those questions. Please stand with me against this injustice and help us bring our son home.


2010 UPDATE:

On December 18, 2009 Commissioner Molly Merrigan again decided to defy state law, federal law, and the Constitution of the United States when she gave Megan and Stuart Taylor a guardianship and changed Noah Levi Bonds name to Jared Michael Taylor against his father, Craig Lentz's, will. The Jackson County Family court is presently flat out refusing to tell Craig Lentz where his own son is residing and the child is presently being hidden from his legal father in an undisclosed location out of state.  Additionally, this commissioner has heard testimony from the Taylors themselves that they have spanked the child, used corporal punishments against the child and have used stuffing rags soaked in vinegar in the child's mouth as a punishment and instead of terminating the foster care order that she gave the Taylors and reuniting the child with his natural and legal father Craig Lentz as she was supposed to according to the Child Welfare Manual of the state of Missouri she instead gave the Taylors a guardianship and is presently allowing them to hide with the child in an undisclosed location out of state.
Of course the case is again being appealed. However it is beyond disturbing  that this commissioner seems to be able to defy higher appellate courts and the Supreme Court of Missouri, and break both state law, federal law and the US constitution with impunity.
How is it that she breaking state law? Missouri law makes it sparkling clear that if a child's parent is fit, willing, and able to care for their child then only the child's parent can be the guardian of the child. If theses laws were not in place any stranger off the street could decide that they want to take custody of someone else's child,  file for custody of that child for any reason and get custody of said child.
  How is she breaking federal law? Merrigan has heard evidence that the Taylors are committing child abuse against as defined by the Child Welfare Manual of the state of Missouri against our son and she has chosen to ignore it and even cover the evidence up by refusing to admit into evidence a hospital report from Children's Mercy hospital that showed that our sons arm had been yanked out of socket by the Taylors and that he had been admitted to Children's Mercy for burns by the Taylors. As a commissioner, Commissioner Merrigan is mandated by federal law to report child abuse, yet she is covering child abuse against Noah Levi Bond up.
How is she breaking the Constitution of the United States? The 14th amendment to the US Constitution makes it clear that all Americans are entitled to due process under the law, which is a fair hearing, before being deprived of life, liberty, or property. This law of course also means that you cannot have your children taken away with out due process of law. What is due process of law? Due process of law is a fair hearing, not just a hearing for the sake of argument in a kangaroo court that has absolutely no intent of ever following the law.
 And make no mistake Commissioner Merrigan has made it explicitly clear from her words, actions, and deeds that she has absolutely no intent to ever follow the law when it comes to our case. She is the personal friend of Megan Taylors mother and she has made it clear that she will do nothing but find in the Taylors favor no matter what evidence is presented in court and no matter what circumstances exist, regardless of the harm this does to our son Noah Levi Bond.

 Why is this important to all citizens? This case has just made case law, again. If the latest findings are allowed to stand then anyone will be able to file for a false adoption, and even if the adoption is overturned because it was illegal the people the fraudulently filed for it will be guaranteed to get custody of the child, and guaranteed to be able to change the name of the child against his parents will and move to another state to a hidden location, effectively stealing the child from his parents. It will also set a precedent for other states to follow which means that the law of the land will now be that the government can now steal anyone's child for any reason at any time. That in turn will increase and encourage the demand for stolen babies from other countries because if an American has no rights when their child is stolen unlawfully from them then obviously a foreigner would never have a chance of getting their stolen child back. Scary stuff. It cannot stand, as parents, Americans and Citizens of the World we must stand against this. Please as  parents, Americans and Citizens of the World continue to stand with us as you have thought this injustice. Thank you all for your continued support.

2009 UPDATE:

There is an update to our story. On January 27, 2009 the Missouri Western District Appeals Court found unanimously that our child could never be adopted. They reconfirmed the conclusion that the Supreme Court of Missouri had come to in January of 2007. We are incredibly grateful to God that this was the decision that was made.

Now we have to get a court date. The last time this was overturned, that was a problem. The Jackson County Family Court court refused to give us a court date for nine months. Another huge problem is that we don't know where our son is. Megan and Stuart Taylor--the people that have our son, have left the state and their lawyer Cheri Simpkins refuses to reveal where they are. This is illegal. They have not adopted our child and do not have the right to, as is reiterated in this last appellate court finding. Craig Lentz has the legal right to know where his son is at all times. We now have to get a judge to issue an order forcing them to reveal where they are and if they don't then the judge has to issue a warrant for their arrest and there would be an amber alert.

In addition we are being sent back to a court that has never followed the law. Every judgment they have ever made has been reversed by an appellate court. I have little hope that without media coverage (and maybe even with it) that they will be willing to follow the law now.

Noah Levi Bond has parents that love him, want him, and are completely capable of taking care of him. There is no reason whatsoever that he should not be reunited with his parents immediately, and indeed it is unconstitutional and illegal for this not to happen. We have asked you, our fellow citizens, to stand with us against the tyranny of the Jackson County Family Court, right this wrong and bring our son home now for four years. We are still asking you to stand with us. It is truly terrifying that in the United States today children are still considered property under the law and that a child who has parents that love him and want him may be unconstitutionally denied those parents. Our child does not deserve to be sacrificed on the altar of a corrupt court so that all of the adoption lawyers of this state and the lobbies that support them can have their way and steal more children from parents that love them. Please continue to stand with us, and our son. He must come home.

  Megan and Stuart Taylor have been stalking me.

Megan and Stuart Taylor have been stalking me at home and at work. Not long after Stuart Taylor tried to get a restraining order against me, which the court denied, he showed up where I work and said that he wanted to talk to me about Noah and if I wouldn't talk there he knew where I lived. I don't know how he found out where I worked or lived but this was very scary. I told him to get away from me and called security and he ran out of the store. These pictures were taken of him by the security cameras ( pic 1, pic 2, pic 3).
  Megan Taylor stole my son and wrote an online blog making fun of me about it for three years.

One of the things that makes this situation unique is that Megan Taylor, the woman that stole my son, posted a blog about it on an MSN chat group called “Contested,” for three years. On October 19th of 2007 I received an email from an adult-adoptee I didn't know telling me that there was an on-line blog giving details of our case, and that I needed to read it because the things that were being said weren't right. I was surprised to hear this because when this court case started Megan and Stuart Taylor requested a gag order to keep all facts about this case secret, though the Missouri Supreme Court later denied their request to have it extended. When I entered the chat room I saw that there were a great volume of entries that Megan had posted, spanning practically every day from 2005 to late 2007 under the screenname “Got2bMaeMae”, some of which were signed “Megan.” These posts revealed intimate details about the court case and the Taylors personal lives that only Megan Taylor could know.
  Understanding the Supreme Court's decision.

The Supreme Court of Missouri was doing its job and following the law when it overturned the Jackson County Family Court’s decision. Reiterating the rights that Missourians already have under the the Missouri Constitution, the U.S. Constitution, and the laws that govern adoption in the state of Missouri was a great service to the people of this state. 
  Megan and Stuart Taylor have been speaking publicly in front of the Missouri General Assembly in an effort to convince lawmakers to hurt women and fathers more at taxpayer expense.

On February 6, 2008 Megan and Stuart Taylor spoke publicly in front of the Missouri congress with the lobbyists that are paying for their legal bills and their political partners, telling lawmakers that I am on their side and that the purpose of House Bill 1572, which they approached Representative Ward Franz to introduce, is to protect women. This is all a complete lie. This bill, if it became law, would make it easier to steal women's babies.

News stories covering what is happening.
The Blog that Megan Taylor wrote admitting everything.
The blog in PDF form, highlighted for easy access.
The card the Taylors wrote Ibbaanika to try to keep her convinced that if she kept her baby she would be defying God.
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